Cultural History is not simply the study of high culture. It is best characterized as an approach which considers the domain of respesentation and the struggle over meaning as the most fruitful arenas of historical understanding.


  • A Leadership of Compassion and Courage
  • Become a Powerful Presence that transcends the limitations of man.

A young lady makes her way in the world.

In a society that thinks less of a girl.

She looks outside herself for validation of her self-worth.

You’re not good enough, worthless of little value,

Is what she learned.

She did not believe.

So, she went about the world proving her self-worth.

First in college,

She joined R.O.T, C.

Became a respected 2nd Lieutenant.

Still, she was cast aside and considered less than.

She left as quickly as she arrived.

Voiceless and wandering

Was her past time.

She traveled to Wisconsin

For Cold Weather Training.

With her snowshoes

And Down Hill skis

She was just as good as the next man.

Standing in line at the supermarket,

She was not at ease.

A life at birth

Assigned her self-worth.

She rejected the jacket

Society wanted her to wear.

She continued her quest

To find what was best.

She found not a place to rest.

Until she found a spot on the water’s edge.

On St Petersburg Beach, FL.

She settled in,

Dug in her roots.

Began to build a life,

Redefined her Success.

Fearless with a pen,

She writes to express,

Her deepest anger, sorrow, and pain.

Her hope, joys and dreams.

Grounded in her body,

Confident in her purpose,

She speaks with an authority,

Of the need for Feminine Leadership.







Retired Educator, who spent over twenty years in Elementary education. Woman’s Personal Development Guide; Created A Seven-Step Personal Transformation Course for the Empowered Woman, Founder, and CEO of a Non-profit, Vision for Education, Small Group Leader and Host for a year-long Conversation Café’ that included topics of community concern and poetry readings. Self-published a host of publications to include poetry and self-help eBooks. Follow my Blog @

Mindfulness Journal

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Each day the sun rises and greet the new day,

Yesterday but a memory.

I lay awake for a moment,

Before opening my eyes.

A mood settles in me,

Like the dew on the grass.

Lifting as I become more conscious,

To reveal the cool morning crispness.

How shall I spend the day?

Empty, it is.

Except for the sensations that creep

Into my mind awakening the spirit within.

A morning spent in prayer and appreciation,

For a new day of life.

Lately, it has become difficult to face the frigid air,

My first winter in ten years.

I miss the sunshine of Florida,

The blue skies and waves washing over the beach.

I finish my prayer of appreciation,

And gratitude, vision, and peace.

I venture out into the gray morning,

My senses awash with the crisp morning air.

The wind washes over me,

Like a sheet billowing in the wind flapping between the fibers of my being.

The fresh air,

A sort of newness.

I look to the sky,

Clouds fill my vision.

Like a floating wrapping across the sky,

Keeping everything safely in place.

The winter days have left the trees bare and standing still,

In a state of calm,

I take heed and enjoy the winter of my being,

A-tuned to the nature of the day.

Allowing the cold to settle in my bones,

Strengthening my resolve amidst the cold and barren day.

Afterward, I retreat into the warmth,

A heart filled with peace and contentment.







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