A Seven Step Inner Transformation, Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, Empowered Womyn Mindset

Prepare yourself because the storms of life are sure to come. “When you are being assaulted by your thoughts, there is a way to get out of the storm. Use the Mind to quiet your thoughts. It is a skill anyone can learn.”

When I am in a storm, thoughts flood my Mind. I want to escape but knowing there is no place to hide. Standing firm in the decision to learn the purpose of this storm, I pose a question? What is the meaning of this intrusion?

Whilst the thoughts batter my head, I stand perfectly still, not straying from the moment. See everything happens in the present moment where you can beckon the power of the Greater Mind, to redirect the lower Mind, which vies for control.

The lower Mind-States are fear, anger, and doubt, to name a few. The Higher Mind-State in open and awareness.

“What can I do?” I think. More rounds of disorganized views pummel me using my head for target practice. At first, I am confused, but I follow the storm of thoughts to where they will lead.

I look out my window at a bird that has perched on a stick I posted in the garden to hold up the flowers. Lately, I feel the birds are communicating with me. Most days I feed them the left-over scraps from our table. The bird appearance reminds me to give him food. Sorry about the detour. Back to how to stand firm in a Mind-Storm.


Mooji, uses the inquiry method to understand the purpose of the storm. But first you must quiet the Mind. His recommendation is to chant this phrase three times.” I-am-Aware. I-am-Aware. I-am-Aware, Om.” Do this over and over until you feel a sense of calm. The suggested time is about five minutes. Longer if need be.

Mooji is a Guru in his own light. He speaks about a Mind-State that is as vast as the sea that can contain the problems that you may face. You can move in and out of this state at will. The chanting of, “I am Aware,” provides a way to quiet the Mind during the storm.


Understand, there are many distinct appearances the Mind exudes. Sigmund Freud, a Psychologist labeled them as, the Id, the Ego and Super Ego. He was mainly interested in the pathology of people. On the other hand, my affinity is in Buddhist Psychology, which is concerned with the alleviation of human suffering, distress, and dissatisfaction. 

Buddhist Psychology provides a way for people to achieve a level of enlightenment. Enlightenment means to view your suffering in a different light, which empowers you to evolve beyond the suffering to a higher Mind-State.

Chanting Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo

Another way to gain some control over your thoughts and achieve a higher mind state is found in an Eastern chant. Chanting is a traditional Buddhist way of preparing the Mind. So began my practice of chanting. I found the practice. No, it found me when I was in a crisis looking for a way to be in the world.

Thirty years of practice opened my Mind to reveal a Vast “State of Life,” Mooji talks about. First, I chanted for material things to make my life comfortable. After I discovered things would not make me happy, I wanted to have peace of mind. Desiring peace of Mind brought all manner of thoughts into view that need to be healed. 

Each storm I lived through brought me closer to what I desired. I wanted more than anything to find meaning and purpose for my life. But first I would have to make peace with my imperfections and the people in my life.

The chanting was like putting money in the bank. No one knows when you may need to make a withdrawal. Repeatedly, I chanted the words knowing that the Mind can only entertain one train of thought at a time. Now I was in control guiding my thoughts out of the dangerous water. Each chant brought me closer to a steady stream of thought.

The mind was silent and ready for Auto Suggestions. Auto Suggestion is a way to place into the Subconscious all that you want to manifest. Do you ever wonder where all your memories are housed, that you draw from automatically? It is your Subconscious Mind that contain all your knowledge, your memories and all that you have experienced.

When you are at peace, you can reprogram this part of the Mind and give it any suggestion you want to manifest. Granted you have no control over this part of the Mind or when answers will come. Do not take it as a loss of control. See the Subconscious Mind as your giver of blessings.

You can go about your life with a sense of freedom knowing that the Subconscious Mind stores all that you may need. It also takes in the negative and will manifest what is undesired so be careful what you feed the Subconscious Mind. Plant in this fertile ground whatever you want to manifest in your life.

Just How Does the Subconscious Function?

Most mornings I walk. This is when I plant the suggestion to remain calm during the storms that will surely come. This is also the time I set the intention to be a peace with myself and speak positive thoughts into my Subconscious. I repeat, “I am Powerful,” three times then Om. I offer up other affirmations that I want to make a part of me. I say, “I am wealthy,” “I am healthy in my Mind and Body.”

The Subconscious Mind which has a direct access to Infinite Intelligence, some call “God” will offer up to you in the form of an intuition at the right time the information you need. It does it in mysterious ways. Do not just trust my words. You can try this for yourself.

Something marvelous happened this Tuesday morning. I got out of bed. Went to the bathroom and got a drink of water to quench my thirst. I laid back in bed. Turned on calming music. The music lulled me in. Unexpectedly a surge of energy that I had never experienced before caught my attention. This force began a circular motion around my left hip. It seemed to have a life of its own.

For the past few years, I have been plagued with this pain in my hip. I tried everything from Physical Therapy to pain medication. Nothing really helped. 

I sensed internally how the energy had created a momentum. The energy isolated my hip area where the muscles were tight and inflamed. The energy moved through the muscle. The hip began to relax. This episode lasted for about five minutes. I jumped out of bed pain free. I went on my morning walk feeling refreshed in the morning air.

This Mind Storm happens when we are unaware. Sometimes it mushrooms out of control. Stand in perfect harmony with the energy. Watch it. Do not be afraid. Release the need to control. Just let go. Repeat the phrase. I am aware, Om three times. See the thoughts recede back from whence they come. The storms come unexpectedly. Be prepared when the next storm comes.


A Seven Step Inner Transformation, Chronicle the Black Woman's Rise, Empowered Womyn Mindset, Womanist Leadership

Internalized Oppression Definition: When people are oppressed in an ongoing manner for a long time, they come to believe the stereotypes and myths about their own group that are communicated by the dominant group. They accept and replicate the negative image of themselves and take in their lesser status as being deserved, normal and certain.”

Two Oppressive Forces that Contribute to Internalized Oppression                                                                                                          

  1. The American Educational System 
  2. The Police Force

The basic beliefs of an individual are typically ingrained in early childhood. These beliefs form a foundation for how one perceives life. Additionally, since the messages come from trusted people, there is less of a reason to question the information. Thus, internalization occurs from the moment a child is born.

The lives of the oppressed groups are controlled by the governing groups. Therefore, oppressed individuals find no worth or possibility in trying to develop self-knowledge. They learn who they are and who they should be based on the needs of and through the perspective of the dominant groups. In addition to the absence of self-awareness, the continuous pounding of inferiority on their minds leads them to lose much of their self-worth and self-respect.

The American Educational System

Aronson says that schools are oppressive and set up to fail. “He is referring to the culture and structural obstacles that can inhibit effective teaching, stifle student success, and sustain inequalities on numerous fronts.”

For example, in urban schools there is a growing cultural mismatch. Mounting intellectual differences tend to hinder teachers from developing meaningful relationships with their students. This disconnect leads to over discipling. For example, (Racial Bias in the Classroom.) A 2014 report showed that black children make up only 18% of preschooler but make up 48% of children suspended. They discovered that teachers increase the severity of suggested disciplinary actions when the race of the teacher did not match the child.

Teacher Discrimination

I was a classroom teacher for nine years in Jefferson County Kentucky. The school culture was to give new teacher the most challenging students. I was told this would make a better teacher. I was an inexperience teacher thrust into a classroom of twenty-four children. Each child vying for attention using disruptive behavior to have their way. 

On many occasions I saw young inexperienced White females attempt to teach urban youth who came from the Ghetto. Most days it was like living in an urban jungle where everyone was trying to survive. I viewed teachers as oppressors who used their classrooms as a platform to gain some sense of control. Classrooms were  places where teachers demanded attention from students who were unable to adhere to the classroom rules. One year, there was a massive exodus of teachers from my school. Teaching was not what they thought it would be.

In my opinion, The American Educational System is a system of oppression. It oppresses the natural abilities of black children and use one type of intelligence to determine one’s intellectual ability. During my tenure of nine years, teaching children how to pass a test and perform for standardized test was the goal of education. This was not what I signed on for, so consequently I walked away.

The Other Oppressive Force is the Police.

Policing in America was never created to protect and serve the masses. It cannot be reformed because it is designed for violence. Through the use of  selective enforcement and brutal arrest tactics the black community fears the police. Consequently, the use of oppressive force in the Black community is hardly ever deemed wrong. During the last decade we saw police who killed unarmed black men and women walk free from this tragedy.


Consciousness Raising:  Two Key Points

  1. Recognition of One’s Potential and Qualities as an Individual
  2. Determine the Nature of Change You Want

The first thing we as a collective black body must understand is to be aware of the oppressive forces and how they impact our daily life. 

Part of the effect of living with Internalized Oppression is you cannot solve your problems or be part of the solution to the global problems that we are faced with today. There is hurt and anger and rage. 

You can begin to transmute these powerful forces. Black people are some of the most creative people on the planet. See the rage and transmute it. Look to see how you have internalized your oppression. You can choose how you will respond in the face of these two powerful forces, but as a parent and a youth.

Nelson Mandela states. “If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you,” “If you do not bring forth what is within you, what is within your will destroy you.”

Realize that some situations you cannot control. Have the wisdom to know what you have control over. You have control over how you respond in the face of injustice.