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The Curse of the Conditioned Mind

July 20, 2012 by Rob White 

The conditioned mind is a box of standard thoughts. This mind asks questions that only can be answered from the thoughts it has in its box. It can only think up to the walls of the box, and think no farther.

The conditioned mind is a box of thoughts.
If you are to think out of the box of standard thoughts, then you must be willing to think beyond your conditioned mind, which means you must be willing to be wrong about a lot of thoughts that you insist are right.

I had to admit that I was wrong when I thought that a person had to have connections, or had to be born into money, or had to have some rare talent to make a million dollars. My conditioned mind could only ask questions and come up with answers that confirmed my standard thoughts. This left me with further proof that I was better off with my current job than quitting to start my own business and make my own millions.

There was a certain ‘wrong eagerness’ that compelled me to prove to myself that making a lot of money was beyond my grasp. Obviously, the eagerness was wrong because it was pointing me in the wrong direction – it had me seeing all the reasons why I couldn’t fulfill on my million-dollar dream.

The conditioned mind’s nature is to be restless when you think outside of its box of standard thoughts. This mind values the restlessness because it can use this to convince itself that there is no answer beyond the box of standard thoughts it contains. Thus, it’s always working for itself – isn’t it?

The conditioned mind’s nature is to be restless when you think outside of its box of thoughts.

The deception of the conditioned mind is apparent – it does not want new answers, it only wants solutions that are compatible with its box of standard thoughts. And, if this means ‘no solution’ is the solution, then this is what it prefers.

Wow, that’s a big one – let’s hear that again: The deception of the conditioned mind is apparent – it does not want new answers, it only wants solutions that are compatible with its box of standard thoughts. And … if this means ‘no solution’ is the solution, then this is what this mind prefers.

The conditioned mind is tricky. It puts up smoke screens that stop you from elevating your consciousness above its box of standard thoughts. The smokescreens protect this mind from being challenged. When you challenge this mind, by not falling for it’s usual ‘smoke and mirrors’ answers, you are able to change your mind.

The last thing the conditioned mind wants you to do is to change your mind. How can it survive if you change your mind and begin thinking new thoughts that do not fit in its box of standard thoughts?

The conditioned mind is tricky.

The first step to changing my mind about earning a million dollars was to realize that something was wrong with my standard way of thinking about money. My conditioned mind was perfectly content to invent ‘problematic thinking’, invent questions and answers that discouraged me from thinking out of its box of thoughts about money:

  1. Why can’t I be one of those who make a million dollars? Answer: “I’m starting too late in life.”
  2. Why does making a million dollars seem so difficult? Answer: “I’m not smart enough.”
  3. Why is it so complicated to make money these days? Answer: “It’s not like the good old days when making a money was a simple sowing and reaping process.”
  4. What stops me from qualifying to be a millionaire? Answer: “I didn’t get the right education.

The light of truth dawned on me when I was willing to look directly at my box of standard thoughts. Here is that truth: When I throw trash thoughts into the wind, trash thoughts come blowing back to me. This revelation helped me study my conditioned mind without being hypnotized by it.

When I throw trash thoughts into the wind, trash thoughts come blowing back to me.

I have offered you the first crucial step it takes to prove to break free of your conditioned mind so you can achieve your lofty dreams. The perfect proof of right thinking is to be willing to be wrong about your ‘usual thoughts’; those thoughts that stop you from thinking out of your box of standard thoughts.

How do you think out of your conditioned box of standard thoughts? Answer: Let go of the anxious need to prove that you are right about your usual way of thinking – that usual way that stops you from realizing your incredible potential.

Real and higher thinking is possible when you see your conditioned mind for what it is – a thinking machine that simply wants to survive with the thoughts that oil its gears. It does not intend to unplug itself so you can think anew and create an incredibly new life to unfold for you.

The conditioned mind is a thinking machine that simply wants to survive with the thoughts that oil its gears.

When you unplug your thinking machine, you cease to be a problem-seeking machine. What comes next? Answer: An awakened mind that finds answers to your problems because it is not part of the problem.

Read this blog again slowly. Drop the wrong thoughts that stop you from understanding the precious lesson it offers. Please share what you have learned from this, or offer an insight that further advances this conversation. What you do for others, you do for yourself. Please participate.


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What is a liberated mind?

No more seeking for the Truth or searching for enlightenment.
No more feelings of lack, incomplete or un-fulfillment.
No more needing to be loved, understood or approved.
No more blaming others, feeling as a victim, living in guilt or fear of future.
No more comparing oneself to others (since there is no others), or a mental image of how one should be/feel.
No more desire for any specific state of mind, feeling to have more than ordinary of what is.
No more resisting to what is, waiting for something better in future, or special experience to transcend the ordinary.
No more seeing oneself above or below others, or needing to be special in any way.
No more resenting or valuing ones past history.
No more “This little me, that I need to take care of.”
No more suffering.

 A Practice for Liberation of the Mind

The “mind” here means the tyranny of thoughts that pull you about and create feelings of fear (stress, jealousy, anxiety, worry etc). Liberation, or freedom, in its true sense is to be free of being pulled in by thoughts. The mind is a very powerful tool but it becomes a huge hindrance to our well-being if we are taken in by its magnetic pull. If your mind controls you, it would directly mean that you are a prisoner and bondage is never pleasant. Moreover, the wall of thoughts keep the intelligence of life from freely flowing through you, hence it hinders your well-being.

  1. The Simple Practice of “Sitting” in a State of “No Doing”

All techniques and practices eventually require you to exert some form of “control” over your body or mind. Whether it be breathing practice like Vipassana Meditation or the practice of focusing on your inner body. These techniques may help make the mind more disciplined or mature, but they don’t take you to “freedom” because you are still trying to control.

If you want to be free of the mind, you have to “allow” it completely – that’s the paradox. You can never be free of something that you resist or try to control. When you let go of the mind completely you realize that it has no power over you. The practice I followed, that helped me become free of the magnetic pull of the mind, is a below.

  • Just sit in a comfortable position so that your entire body is supported in some way. For example you can sit in a very comfortable couch, that supports your back and head completely, so that you don’t have to “hold” any posture.
  • Realize that you don’t have to hold your body anymore because the couch is doing it for you. So you can now just let go of the body as if it were dead.
  • Just be in simple place of a completely surrender, where you are not trying to hold or control anything. You can feel that there’s some energy in you which is trying to grab hold of something, and is very fearful of letting go so completely. Notice this energy but let it be, don’t try to get rid of it.
  • Don’t judge anything and don’t try to solve, or sort out, anything. If fear arises, let it arise, if panic arises, let it arise, if confusion arises, let it arise. Just imagine that you are a dead body with no control over anything. It may take a few tries before you can truly be in this absolute state of no control, an absolute letting go.
  • Don’t try to be “aware”. In fact, quit trying to do anything at all and just let go. Notice that awareness is not something that “you” have to do, because awareness is always here. This is a big revelation for someone who has been trying to be “aware” or trying to stay as a consciousness.
  • You may notice that the awareness is always in the background, and thoughts and emotions are happening in this awareness. Even the thought “I am not aware right now” is just a thought happening in awareness.

If you just stay this way for a while, you will start noticing how thoughts and emotions fleet past in the space of awareness. This practice helps you gain stability in your power of awareness which allows for a space of a wisdom to come in, in the absence of this space you just feel pulled around by the mind’s momentum. As you practice this state of awareness, you will also notice the intensity, and momentum, of the mind becoming slower with time, until it reaches a point where the mind loses it grip on your being which allows for a resistance-free movement in your physical life.

“Sitting” Allows Suppressed Energies to be Released

This simple practice of “sitting” (if you can even call it a practice), allows all the suppressed energies to come into consciousness and thus be transmuted or released. Since you are not trying to control anything, everything starts coming back into a harmonious natural balance. The energies in you that were out of balance, or suppressed, will be released in this state of “no control”. It’s like a rubber band, it automatically comes back to it’s normal state if you stop controlling, or holding, it.

Understand that this is a process and it takes time before all the suppressed energies can be released. In fact, as you continue with this practice you will also notice the personal will, or the “me” force, ebbing away. This is because the “me” force was always unnatural to start with, and it had to be maintained through constant struggle. As you let go of struggle this unnatural force automatically starts ebbing away.

With time you will start feeling as if your “body” is dissolving or becoming more spacious. Your body starts feeling almost transparent. This is because there is no resistant energy in it anymore, hence it feels like an open channel. It can take a few weeks or even months before you can sense this lightness, depending on the suppressed energy and “controlling” force that was present in you.

You don’t have to do this practice for any fixed time. Do it whenever you are free, whenever you are not occupied. All you need is a place to sit comfortably and let go. It’s like deep “Waking” sleep. You are awake, but without control, like you are in sleep.