1.         What is The Empowered Womyn Mindset?

            Ans: The Empowered Womyn Mindset awakens a source of power from within. The goal is to bring forth new possibilities and those things your heart desires for most.

2.         What are the ideas to obtain from the Empowered Womyn?

Ans: To bring wholeness back into the lives of the Black Women using Mindset Training which has an artistic approach that speaks to the heart.

3.         How will the person benefit?

         Ans: You will discover your feminine essence. It will help you to show up powerfully and be the catalyst for creating healthy relationships. You will be empowered. No longer will you need to struggle for in power when you step into your role society.

4.         How will the services provided have an impact?

         Ans: You will understand The wider world – and your place in it. You will be more flexible, creative and be a part of an emerging global community.

5.          Why choose to be an Empowered Womyn?

Ans:  You will no longer be unfettered by the normative constraints of Culture and Society. You will belong to the larger human family and help preserve the planet that all humans share.

6.         How will your life improve as you become The Empowered Womyn?

Ans: It is important to expand your Mindset in our increasingly interconnected world. Along with your ability to question your own perspectives on the world and to practice tolerance for all Cultures.

7.         Can a Womyn become Empowered?

Ans: Yes, if the Womyn carries out and follow all our instructions and if she really wants to be in the best in the world, then this is the path for her.

8.         Will I lose my National identity?

Ans:  The Empowered Womyn will lose her sense of belonging and become a stranger to society but in return you will gain the freedom of self-expression and self-definition

Pamala G. Wiley



Retired Educator, who spent over twenty years in Elementary education. Woman’s Mindset Coach; Creator of The 7 Step to Inner Transformation. Founder and CEO of a Non-profit, Vision for Education, Small Group Leader, and Host for a year-long Conversation Café’ which included topics of community concern and poetry readings. Self-published a host of publications to include poetry and self-help eBooks. Follow my Blog.

Author Bio

Indie Author and Poet, Word Press Blogger for six years. Pinterest novice and post creator. E-books currently are available on Amazon.com. Check out my Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.womanistempowerment.

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