A Gaze into the Self

A Seven Step Inner Transformation, emotional Journey, Mindfulness

Her eyes peered into the self

Beyond pent-up rage.

To a time long gone.

As a witness to

the birth of

an unconscious emotion…

that she wasn’t loved.

Coupled with a decision she made

sentenced her to a lifetime of suffering.

For over fifty years

She lived in sin.

So the grownups claimed.


she made the choice

to stay home from church.

She did not grasp the magnitude

of her resolve

that it would condemn her

to, ill-fated

feelings of worthlessness.

She would have to come undone.

Chanting Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo

and with the practice of mindfulness.

She came to perceive

the nature of her life.

Her chanting.

created a catalyst

that opened her heart

and revealed

a love that had been simmering.

She stopped looking outside herself

for unconditional love and acceptance.

Whereas she now gazes gently

upon her doubts, and fears.

Watch them roll in and out

with compassion and love.

For she knows

she has fed her fears,

and intellect.

Now she intends to nurture her soul.

She takes out a serviette

lay it upon her lap,

hack up her hurt

into small pieces.

take them in

without bitterness.

Let the measure slowly dissolve on her tongue

then flow into her belly.

where it will be transformed.

She changed the hurt

by chanting Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo

creating a sound and vibration

that transferred her heart to a higher level

afar from her suffering.

Rising above

the pain body,

she observes the ebb and tide of her thoughts.

They have been transmuted

into words that resound

and scatter

where they will be harvested

and carried by the wind.

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