Dig to the Core of the Earth to find the Seven Keys that Open the Door to the Vast Inner Life

A Seven Step Inner Transformation, emotional Journey, Empowerment

The mind is the tool you will use to break through the many layers of the earth to discover your vast inner life. The first key is to quiet the mind through meditation. Let the dirt shift until there is a calmness. This is the level closest to the surface and where you must exert your greatest strength.  It is through the unity of spirit, and mind that you will use an intention to break through the delusions and darkness that has clouded your view.

You have begun the journey beneath the surface of the earth. It is here you will find the Seven Keys that open the door to the vast inner life and experience abundance and freedom.

The next level down below the surface of the earth is darkness. In the dark spirit grows. It has waited patiently until the time was ripe with the fullness of life, it now emerges into the waking state into a Powerful Presence.

This break from the illusions of the lesser self-reveal the force that shapes your life. This is the energy that moves the wind, and spins the earth on its’ axis. The invisible power in the universe. Some call its God; I call it the Quantum Field.

You are in the field of possibility. The center where peace reigns. There is a knowing that pulsates. Sit mindfully and you will be able to discern the subtle movements of this nature.

Hold steady in the face of the constant change of reality and visualize your way out of harm’s way. From an expanded vantage point below the storm you see how to solve the problem and which way to go.

This realm that you have just encountered is the Quantum Field, filled with wisdom and courage.  You bring this energy into your being which makes you able to discern reality as it unfolds. Light floods onto your pathway illuminating the way. Take one step, then the other until you see clearly.

The last layer down in the fiery core of the earth, anger, rage and delusions are buried away. All that remains is the essence of you. A solid inner self-adorned with jewels sparkling like the night star. 

You have arrived; bathed in light and , love, compassion and wisdom. You ascend back to the surface of the earth.  Your outer garments of suspicion, fear, hatred and anger have been burned away. What remains is the essence of you. Your true nature.

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