A Seven Step Inner Transformation, Empowerment, Mindset, Weekend Retreat

Love and Accept Yourself

Chapter 1 Day 1 The Exile

Part II

Last week her life hit a tailspin and mushroomed out of control.

When anxiety struck,

She was unable to concentrate,

Or find a way to quiet the voices that wanted to deny her a place.

Her family and friends

Had become estranged.

She could no longer hang onto the façade.                                                                                      Tired of playing the game of control and consumption.

Trying to live up to the standards of a sick society.

She left her job.

Walked out on her marriage.

Even the people in her faith organization betrayed her.

She had given them over fifteen years of her life.

She scanned the forest for any sign of life.

The only things that reflected were shadows and greenery.

She took out a match and struck it on the box.

Quickly the fire set ablaze.

Her eyes opened wide as the wood began to crackle.

Now a roaring anticipation could breathe.

One more log on top made the blaze light up.

Fire and the night sky created the perfect environment for the unfurling of her pent-up rage.


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