Empowerment, Mindset

A Healthy Perspective

“A healthy perspective is the foundation of joy and happiness because the way you see the world is the way you experience the world”. The Book of Joy.

2016 draws to a close with the election of a new president. The much-anticipated day has come and gone. I sit and try to make sense of the world. No longer disillusioned like a little child about the status of a grown up world.

The world we live in is controlled by invisible forces who now show their face. We can either run and hide and look away. But it is very clear the mentality that holds the United States in its’ embrace.

We look to the leadership that is guiding this piece of land, loud and obnoxious. Reminds me of my two grandsons. They are loud and throw a fit. I look at them and wonder of the life they will live. I understand the stages of growth and they want to assert their independence. But unfortunately, they have not learned the way.

The same of the current president.He insults and demeans and this is the leadership we prefer. I think it is a disgrace that we as a nation have descended so low that to get ahead think this is the way.

This is the model that I choose not to follow because it leads to the same place I have been before. We advance as a species, then degrees. We have taken a step backward. Maybe we need to look at the elephant in the room to now that it is there.

Also during this election year, two opposing forces have  come on stage. One is the Native Americans who are protecting the water. Black Lives Matter has become a voice for the silent ones whose lives have died at the hands of law enforcement.

To look at this world is to see the madness play out on a massive scale. As if life is a commodity to be traded on an open market. As if Democracy is just and idea, yet to be realized.

In the grand scheme of thing, Humanity has slowly been evolving. This election has been a cry from the child who had his toys taken away and wants them back. Now that he has them what will he do?

In the grand scheme of things, Humanity is slowly evolving. From being lead by the EGO to giving way to a grandeur way to live. The heart as a guide will show the way.

Can he look at the world outside of his own interest? Can he see everyone’s face? Not see himself as some overlord. To stand before the treasure chest and doll out gifts, just to his friends.

Will all children black and white, brown and tan share in this grand American plan? Or will American cease to exist because of greed and callousness? Not really aware of the times we live in?

This is the Time of Great Awakening and those who remain asleep will not know of the dream. The dreamer is slowly coming out of the coma. She knows the dinosaur is too large to share a plate with everyone sitting at the table.