Soul Explorer

On a journey to discover the vast inner space.

That part of the iceberg,

Submerged in the great ocean of life.

Open the door to this other world.

Undergo an odyssey,

Using the mind as the guide.

This other dimension.

So many talk and write about.

You may have caught a glimpse,

But quickly put it out your mind.

Like Star Trek.

A venture through outer space.

To discover other worlds.

They same curiosity killed the cat.

I say curiosity has brought us technology,

Advances beyond our wildest imagination.

This thing called life,

Prince sang about.

Is the subject that I will Explore,

Look at every aspect.

Discover the Secret!

Close your eyes.

Put your mind at rest.

So the Soul can speak.

Look at the door.

Watch it swing wide open.

To reveal what is on the other side.

Walk in as an observer.

See the totality of Humanity.

The twinkle of stars.


The Earth!

The Moon!

Closer observation.

There is movement on the surface of the earth.

Trees are swaying.

Rain is falling.

        The ocean,

One expansive blue.

People scatter about,

Doing this thing called life.

A chorus overheard from high above.

Put Your Finger on the Pulse!

Feel the Beat!

The Rhythm of Life!

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