A Seven Step Inner Transformation




Long Legs!

Sashaying down the street.

Yellow dress fluttering.

Smile beaming.

Hips swaying.

Eyes bright as the moon.

On her head.

Golden locks glimmer.

On her finger a diamond

Sparkles in the noon-day sun.

She parts her lips.

A sweet melody escapes.

Dangles for a  moment.

Feet gently her from the ground.

The sound reverberates and…

Villagers scuttle out to see.

The sun going down.

It’s Queen Bey!

She arrived in town.

All the children run to the road.

Silhouette each side.

Laughs and giggles.

Dance in the morning haze.

Boys start to drum.

A rhythm that moves everyone to a higher plan.

The community is set ablaze.

Evil that lurked in the shadows.

Come into the light.

Demons cannot tolerate Joy and Happiness.

They leave and run to the next town.

We have defeated the demons.

Everyone chants in unison.

All day long they dance and sing.

Women start a fire.

Men go out for a hunt.

The aroma of food soon fills the air.

A cloud hangs low.

A guardian has come to protect  all the people.

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