The Great Awakening Part Nine – April 2016


Social Justice for the Black Woman

From her nipple,

Sweet nectar that nurtures the earth.

From her womb,

New life emerge!

With her arms stretched wide,

She embraces all of Humanity.

From her eyes,

Teardrops fall?

From the pew,

She looks up at the minister.

A pentacle she may not be able to reach,

Because of her gender.

She holds the entire human race,

Close to her bosom.

Many know her love.

Even though she is denied.

When she walks in,

Pressure from the inside.

Finds its way through a tiny crack.

Down to the table.

A pen in her hand.

She writes A story

That was lived.

One that honors the Black Woman.

Propels her onto the world stage.

Now the Story is complete!

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