#ChronicletheBlackWoman’s Rise

Make shift in how you identify yourself!

From Body Identification to Identity with Spirit.

Because you identify with the body,

You experience tragedy and suffering.

Make a shift in how you view Yourself!

From Identifying with the Body”, to “Spiritual Identification”.

Spirit is open, eternal and joined to everything.

The body is limited, separated and unfinished.

Spirit is compassion the body lives with fear.

Your birth an experience with separation and unrest.

This is a part of the Human Condition.

Living helps you come to terms with this.

Your life a journey to reconnect with the source.

A Spiritual Life seeing everything as one .

One  life, one love and one people,

Living on the surface of the Earth.

Forever in a “Dance of Symbiosis.”





#Chronicle the Black Woman’s Rise

The Wise Queen

The Wise Queen


#White Supremacy



White Supremacy, Patriarchy and Capitalism tried to destroy The Black Woman’s Humanity. The White Woman was put on pedestal whilst the Black Woman toiled in the field all day.

Her black body was put on display to humiliate and cause her shame. Years later a design was modeled after her to make the White Woman look like she had a large behind.

Yet, the Black Woman’s soul has been untouched. It is something she kept for herself. A little she could call her own when everyone had taken a her away.

Like steam rising from the boil, the soil and the toil, weary body and mind, still she steps on. To a level slightly above common ground.

It is the Spirit of an African Nation. The hope of generations before. That a little black girl would hold on so one day she wound be strong to stand on her own. She rises with the wind at her back, blood on her tongue, the bitter taste of anger spat down on the ground.

So her ancestor’s spirt would find a home in America and she could get off her knees and stop praying. She is the one that society can depend upon. She understands, she must now do her share.