FORMATION: The Black Woman’s National Anthem

2016 the Black Woman Commands National Attention.

Feet stomping, Fist raised,

Voice rise to a Crescendo,

Fill the Clouds.

Drops like a rain on the Nation.

People look around to see what is wet.

Unnerving the Status Quo.

Never thought Beyoncé was a Black Girl.

Considered that the establishment had bought her Soul.

She showed on the scene.

Held down the notion that the Black Woman is FREE.

Her voice resounds throughout the crowd,


Lives before were put on the line.

Malcolm X assignation.

Michael Jackson a Super Star.

Lift from your seat,


Pick up a book,

Know your History.

Before The Revolution passes by


Be a part of the Rhythm Creation.

Align your Heart, Mind and Soul

To the Beat of…

A Rhythm Nation,

An African Pulse,

Passed across the Sea.

A Drum Beat,

Sound that drenches the sky.

Douses Bombs, Violence and Deceit.

Crying mothers, We hear your call.

Lift your son high so he can reach the sky.

Let your daughter get in FORMATION

The train leaves at noon.

Head for the station

To a leading destination,

A place in the night sky.

Shine like a star.

Seen for millions of miles.

We are the women.

Lining up in FORMATION.

Step boldly out of the shadows into the light.

We are a FORMATION of dreamers

An African Nation.

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