Feminine Consciousness

The world is enthralled in a Revolution that strikes at the hearts and minds of the people. On the one hand, we will elect a president. The candidates are,: Donald Trump. His hands on millions and a step back in our ascension to a higher standard of living. He is a businessman but he lacks the morality to lead a nation.

The next candidate is Hillary Clinton, Bill’s wife. I see problems when a husband and wife team have a seat in the White House. Just like Bush and his son. Something was wrong, and we are just now finding out.

The only other candidate talking about evolving to a higher level is Bernie Sanders, with his white hair, reflecting the wisdom of the age.

Then we have a force hell bent on stopping a revolution of the people. It is a hand-full of elites pushing for “The Police State” who want to take away our liberties we have spent the last four hundred years trying to get.

Last December 2015, sheriff were passing out expensive gifts to fifth graders at a Christmas concert. This is the first time I have witnessed this. These were expensive gifts. The sheriffs smiled as they handed a duffle bag full of goodies to the innocents of this country. Along with the uniforms the children wear to public school. I guess the Police State is real.

This is the ideal climate for new ideas to take root. In this time of transformation what type of world will we create and how will the Black Woman be instrumental in shaping the coming age?

Women this is the era of soft power. When the heart leads the way with the wisdom and compassion of the whole of Humanity. When the heart takes actions, it will benefit the entire society, not a select few.

We have seen America run by the wealthy and the greedy, reminiscent of a psychopath destroying the air the land and the sea we all need. This destructive tendency is rooted in the heart of man. We must find a way to transcend this mentality. This militarist view of life that we bring into the world that destroys is out of date.

There is a New Way with which to view Humanity. See the earth and people as a loving and breathing thing capable of feeling both joy and pain. The earth is alive, and it is angry at man for war and manmade machines that destroy our collective Humanity.

It is women who must step up and bring the light of compassion and love into the home, school and board room. We are the ones capable of creating a just society when it is based on our shared Humanity.

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