Feminine Consciousness, Guardian of Culture

Gather strength from that which you are a part. There you will find a fountain, flowing with life-giving energy. Drink from this bastion and be renewed. You are the very heart and soul of the earth manifest into feminine form. When you value the feminine aspect of life, the power lying dormant will rise like a groundswell of protection. You will have accessed the other source of life on earth.

It is this feminine energy that oversee the affair of Humanity. Align your heart and mind with this ebb and flow that has risen from the depths of life, onto the surface. Wrestle free from the stronghold of your mind and soul and be FREE. As free as the wind, storm and rain. Fill the air with the aroma of compassion and love. Let your essence intermingle for a moment with the matter of things, just as they are. It is this strong faith that will bring the protection from suffering. It is from your life that you must draw forth the strength.

We, women, are the guardians of the earth. All life depends on us for subsistence. Step onto the solid ground. Take your place on the world stage in the affairs of Humanity. Gather up the children and bring them into your protective fold until that are strong enough to make it on their own. Like a bird resting in a nest, feeding and growing until the mother pushes it out and it flies on to make a life of its own.

Summoned by the very heartbeat of the earth, the universe whatever gives your strength. It is the very essence of my life buried in the inner core of my life that I summoned forth to surmount the biggest obstacle to my Humanity. It is this strong faith that will bring the protection from suffering. It is your life that you will draw forth the strength

“Put Your Finger on the Pulse and Feel the Beat,” The Rhythm of Life!


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