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It is January1, 2016; Happy New Year!

The truth of  life is we are Human Beings. A greater purpose for living was revealed to me when I uncovered the law permeating in the depths of my being. Humanity has discovered many laws working in the universe. Man split the atom to make a hydrogen bomb. This latest discovery of Quantum Physics revealed an internal world concealed in darkness. These findings were possible because during the observation the law revealed its truth . I am an explorer after truth and knowledge that will free me from the self-imposed prison I found myself in.  The Law of Life revealed itself after I tore through the hard exterior that had enclosed my heart and peered inside and found compassion and wisdom.

The wisdom inherent in all of Humanity. It is more powerful than the boundless mind; it a reservoir of swirling possibility. Grasp the meaning of your advent in this world and perceive with your heart. The Law of Life which contain the wisdom of Humanity. All the Sciences, Arts and Culture which will make you a Global Citizen in 2016.

Peer into the collective wisdom of the Human Being. With a click of your mouse you can access any information you want on the internet. In quiet meditation, open the inner eye and the universe will reveal its secrets to you. I peeled back layers of the hard core surrounding me and there was a big secret hiding in darkness. I was a victim and powerlessness to change my life.

Growing up in American I perceived that dark-skinned people were to wear the brand of a second-class citizen. It is a garment that was not suitable to wear. Jacket stripped off, tattered and shredding revealed a better life that had been denied me. Awakened was a greater self- flowering through four hundred years of inequality.

The school was the place I thought would welcome ideas. Regrettably, school felt like prisons and factories. Feeling devalued and wanting teachers to like me I lingered in the darkness afraid to be express what was important to me. Sadly, the disrespect and dislike shut me down. I found myself on the fringes afraid to enter, so I walked away from my career in education.

Another group I was a part of referred to me as, Sister Outsider when they assigned me a poem to read, title the same. It was the height of my involvement in Community Arts for Social Change. We, women, celebrated the life of Audre Lorde. Each one of us read her poems. This group of women never truly embraced me or saw me as their equal. They labeled me, Sister Outside because of my refusal to assimilate into mainstream American Culture. A culture of fear that wants control and power over Humanity. This American way of life seemed so artificial compared to how a different world-view was opening to me. I was always genuine, so I thought.

Bu the reality was; I was not true to myself. I held back expressing my ideas because I did not see a reflection of myself in society. Secretly I felt worthless and inferior, so I joined the Army to prove I was just as good as the White Man. At camp, everybody just went alone. I did not, and consequently, I was almost kicked out. The SGT Major at my university where I was enrolled believed in me. I won the discharge, regrettably I received a 3M and would never be able to go on active duty. Being excluded from serving on active duty was a blessing in disguise.

What I have come to know about growing up as Black Woman in a White world. The world we live in is a world of Myths lived as something real, from Santa Claus to the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. These childhood myths seep into adulthood, and we teach them to our children never really knowing the damage they do to the dignity of Black life.

This past Christmas 2015 I refused to celebrate. A Facebook video I watched revealed to me the reality of December 25. It is an explanation of the Winter Solstice and what happens with the Sun. We celebrate December 25 as many cultures do as a way of building community. On the 25th of December the Sun returns from three days of rest.

The Sun begins it progress back across the sky and the days begin to lengthen again. Yes, the three days preceding the sun appears as if the sun is at rest then arises the third day. The three kings mentioned in the Bible is a constellation in the sky. The man twisted the story into one that honors a White man named Jesus who they say cheated death and was raised from the dead. I also found out the stories we believe in are central to most cultures to explain life to an immature mind.

2016 is the year of the my Great Awakening to the Truth of Life. The truth that we are beacons of light. Light Energy vibrating at an incredible rate of speed. So fast it is 96.6 degrees that warms the body and all iternal organs. We are a force creating life. This force becomes conscious of itself and begins to watch and awakens to the truth of life just as it is.
Tune in for Part 2 a bit later this year.


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