A Tendency Toward War


What lies beneath the soul?
A tendency toward war,
A drift towards violence,
Directed towards another man,
Rooted in hopelessness,
Completely destroys the land.

A tendency towards war,
Entrenched in self-denial,
Directed by the man across the land,
Brand him… no man.

A tendency towards violence,
An animal by design,
Lives a life of crime,
When will it end?

War spreads across the sea,
Terror he spreads across the land,
Cuts hearts of children.

When will man see past his greed and hostility?
So children can live with dignity,
When will he create silence on the land?
Halt world war III,
So children can live peacefully.

When will the tendency towards war be forbidden?
Can the man see another way?
Understand the man,
Across the sand,
Embrace him as brother man,
Lead as a model for the world.

How many human lives, must be sacrificed,
At what cost?
To ensure power never leaves his hands?

A high price for the young man,
Sent across the land to kill another man
Different skin color,
Same blood running through his veins.
Has daughters that live in the sand.

When will the tendency to kill and main, destroy and pollute,
Be a crime of the highest end,
The ones who kill stripped from the land,
The power is given over to…
“Children of the Land

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