People perish for a lack of leadership. The Womanist Empowerment Series will fulfill this need by empowering a generation of young women who lead through the feminine form. This new source of womanly power, is a force that brings balance and restores society.

The current state of the world has its’ history seeped in a culture of war, violence and patriarchy. This has led us to the brink of destruction. Rude behavior displayed on the streets, in schools and the internet led me to believe we are a culture of thoughtlessness beings, hell bent on annihilation. Peace seems a foreign concept that has not had a season to bloom.

All my adult life something was not quite right. I rebelled against authority, but never understood. I was a quite child, never said much or questioned my parents or the authority in my life. I trusted them to do things right. I followed blindly; it was the Christian way. I grew up as a PK (preacher’s kid) followed my parents, teachers and leaders without questioning them. It was not until I left the protection of my parents’ home, and struck out on my own did I find the time to create a life, of my own.

What I believe is that most adults act from a place of self-interest, children are second best sometimes third or fourth. This was a hard lesson to learn. It was leaders that let me down. I cannot just go with the flow. Because the current seems to be leading us down a dead end street and the only thing I see is more violence, greed and unrest. I can no longer follow blindly men who lead from a place on high, with not an inkling of the people on the ground. They have not the heart to trail blaze with compassion and wisdom.

In two thousand sixteen, I look around at people in a leadership position. Those with money who think they own the world. I have looked into the heart of authority and it seemed dark. Police utilize a badge and leverage themselves over people in the street. Officers use the law as an excuse to do all manner of criminality. Men in  government line their pockets with money interest and set the law so corporations can benefit.

The other arena where leadership has been neglected is in public education. Educators go to college some with a B.A. most with Masters, yet they follow a scripted curriculum, one any person off the street could pick up, study, and implement. Educators have no real authority, but in the classroom, she or he uses the schoolroom and children to pass on this mediocre way to learn. It stems from a lack of authentic leadership. Administrators and teachers merely follow the agenda of a corporate mandate that oppress the young long before that have a chance to bloom.

What is needed is a new type of leadership. A guidance of compassion and wisdom. Wisdom one acquires with experience in life. Unfortunately, the teachers straight out of college have limited life experience to pass on to the young. I want to help fill in the gap and empower a generation that educates the young and help them build a life that will bring a sense of satisfaction and purpose that lead to happiness. It is an honor to serve, empower and passes on a higher purpose for life, one more glorious than the one we have lived this far.

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