THE UNCHANGING NATURE OF MIND: Reconstructing the Fictitious Ego

A Seven Step Inner Transformation, Empowerment

#Transformation Leader

The ego is a concept rooted in the psychology of Sigmund Freud. He developed the model to explain the self in relation to an external world. It is a view he brought to the shores of America and the beginning of what we know as Neurosis. However, the evolution of knowledge produced a more efficient way to identify the self. It is through the lens of Buddhist Psychology that we can peer into the inner workings of mind and experience.

I want to propose that we black women adopt a different view of the self-based on the “Unchanging Nature of Mind”. This view reaches beyond the limitations of the ego and advances a radically different way to be.

Two-Thousand Sixteen is well into the new century. A new century demands a new human community and a new human family demands a new way to be. Having an open mind able to accept life as it is and find the grain of truth defines a new way to be in the world that brings us close to expressing our full humanity.

Mind’s essential nature is clear, discerning, intelligent, open, and free of fixation on one idea of how life is supposed to be. With its’ home in freedom, clarity and wisdom. It is flexibility in the midst of chaos; can see through the haze, the distortions, and untruth; has an expanded view of life. Mind encompasses the whole of life and knows intuitively how to respond.

To be a new human is to know the nature of your mind. Its essence is pure and unaffected by anything that has happened in your life. It sees life as a series of event that are related that can lead you to your higher self as you determine the pain you need to heal. The experiences you have in life bring you closer to your ideal self. When you have expended all the outer layers of the self, you will uncover a genuine self. It is your nature and you will find a genuine human community.

Mindfulness is a path to freedom and happiness away from the struggles of the ego. Mindfulness leads to joy and peace of mind. On the other hand, the ego confirms its identity based on the world that is ever changing. It fixes its identity to what is happening in the outside world clinging to a concept that has its origins in child’s mind.

Put your faith in this unchanging nature of mind.  It is a revolutionary way of viewing the self and the direct way to creating peace on earth

Mindfulness is a technique that one can utilize to see into the mind and find a grain of truth. This is where I stand on that tiny spot of truth. A truth that will free me from delusions and self-doubt, and I will find clarity and peace. In a disagreement with my son-in-law, I was able to disengage from the struggle and the need to be right and understand the dynamics of the relationship. I understood the nature of the battle. It was a struggle for control. Control based on the assumptions of the Ego that needs to be right.

What happened as I released the need for control was real genuine communication and respect. He stated, “We were two humans communicating,” and there was no need for a battle of the sexes.

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