SUPER MOON SEPTEMBER 2016- A Time of Renewal and Rebirth

A Seven Step Inner Transformation


#Transformation Leader

#September 2015

#Super Moon

Greeting, Transformation Leaders, The new generation of women who lead through the Feminine Form. Last months Super Moon has us poised and ready to step into the Twenty-First Century with a new attitude and a new way to be. Begin to embody the feminine aspect of life and lead from a place ripe with authenticity. It is the kind of power as gentle as a breeze that blows off the ocean, as strong as a storm coming in from far off the coast. A part of nature, tied to the very earth we live on. Located in the womb. At you disposal anytime you tune in. Insync with the moon that illuminates the night.

Let us think for a moment on our bodies and the connection to the cycle of the moon. It is a thirty-day thing and you know what I mean. Each month women experience a menstrual cycle, some call it a curse, but whoever labeled it must have been a man. He got that part twisted. The release of blood from the lining of the womb is a sacred thing, a tearing away and beginning again.

First blood streams throughout, an internal cleaning; a time to renew your mind, body and soul. A release of pain and discomfort because the very thing you want to hold onto is released as bloods leaves the womb. Grow to be more in tune with your body; a greater self-awareness will be your greatest asset. Understand the source of feminine power is inside the womb. Set aside each month time to align yourself with what is going on inside your womb.

The womb holds mysterious power for the woman. Some may know of its power. Others are just realizing. The womb is a soft, warm place where life began. It is also the place where you power reside. Why do you think men want to control? They know if they control, you are at his demands. Anyway, let us get back to the cycle of the moon.

This month is a Super charged Moon? A Blood Moon it is called. It is a time for you to release a lifetime of pain and suffering. Make it your intention to heal the wounds of your heart and forgive those who have hurt you the most. Do not hold onto the pain. It will only cause more disease and heartache.

You can stop the hurt and not pass it on to your children. You can release the suffering and begin to love again. The type of love that heals. It is your Super Power. Heal and pass on the wisdom and strength of your sorrow. You have lived this life because of your desire to heal this in others. You have seen days where you may have wanted to give in. Nevertheless, you held on, you believed. This is your Super Power.

Women the nurturer, the guide, the source of power yet realized. Your life is more valuable than money or gold. To your family, your community and ultimately the world.

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