A MOMENT OF CLARITY: Break Free from the Past

A Seven Step Inner Transformation





Break Free from the Past

This morning in the midst of chaos,

Living in someone else’s home,

Feeling beholding to a man who pays the mortgage.

Having to be silent and accept his words

Because he has the money and I do not.

In that moment of clarity.

Realizing my worth was in someone else’s hand,

That did not give a damn.

In the center of the storm

Was the place I took refuge from his torment of words.

A place where time stood still.

The mysterious wonder of the Human Mind.

Through the darkness,

Where a tiny beam of light shone through.

Resting on the edge.

The cusp of the morning

In anticipation of Day.

Feeling the Power of the Sun.

Like a shotgun blast.

That hit a bone.

Vibration starts an explosion.

Fills my entire soul.

Like a ray of sunlight.

Through the Anger and Rage.

Frustration and Pain.

Evolution from the Past.

Clarity, Wisdom and Compassion is born.

Grows in intensity.

Outside the Defense,

There is more room.

I stop to my look.

At the frame man wants me to remain.

Within the prison of his thoughts,

You would want a pawn in your game.

In this Game, I set the rules.

The time and the place I want to play.

A winner in the game in life.

The Super Power of the Black Woman

Control the game.

Set the Playbook.

Because when the Black Woman wins,

Everyone shares in her Victory.


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