FEAR OF A HEADLESS HORSEMAN: Driving You the Wrong Way

A Seven Step Inner Transformation






          Driving You the Wrong Way

Fear, the Headless Horseman,

The thing driving Humanity.

Down the Wrong Road.

Pistol Loaded,

Vision Distracted.

Crash Imminent,

The Real Threat Lurks within

The Back of your Mind,

A Secret pain in your Heart.

You keep filling with FEAR.

The invisible Presence,

Without a Home.

Roaming FREE in Society.

Hides behind a Gun!

On the Law Books!

Without Real Courage.

To slay the Beast.

The Collective Heartbreak of Humanity.

Amassed Wealth and an Arsenal of Weapons.

High and Mighty.

Dominates the Earth.

Lives and Breathes.

Grows Stronger each Day.

Blocks out the Light.

An eclipse, More POWERFUL than Ignorance.

In the shadows,

Found words to explain

What is the Heart of Humanity?

A surge of Power,

Moves across the Sky,

An enormous presence in Day

Illuminates what has been hidden.

Clouds give Away,

Light floods the Earth.

Fills the Dark Hole!

Darkness Replaced by Sunlight!

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