LIFE IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT: Reconstruct the Story of your Life

A Seven Step Inner Transformation
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LIFE IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUC; Reconstruct the Story of your Life

The current socio-political structure is a construct the white man designed so he would always be on top and everybody else on the bottom fighting for crumbs that fall from his table.

He labeled it Conservatism. It along with the current white-power-structure are systems that have worked together to make black women physically weak, mentally narrow and politically powerless. Subsequently, you want to be a conservative. Therefore, you will always be two steps behind the man, mortified flesh, among the walking dead.

Everything grows. Did you think you would reach a certain level and stay there until you die? To be alive and thrive, you have to continue to grow and improve every aspect of your life.

The problem I see is personal development. We exercise our bodies and minds and leave Spiritual Development all alone. Left unchecked, it attaches itself to disease. This Dis-Ease reveals itself as cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol and a host of other sickness and disorders. The spirit does not know what it is so it makes up something.

On the other hand, it is about time black women sit at the board table, draw up a plan and define what our needs and interests are. This is Social Construction and will liberate you from the story you have been telling yourself and give your spirit an identification and a renewed purpose for being.

If you do not define your life on your own terms, someone else will and you will be living someone else’s dream. Unhappiness and suffering will be your reality.

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