“The Rhythm of Life”

A Seven Step Inner Transformation

#Poetic Spirit




MYO… Connects You to the Power in the Universe!

From There, the Sound compels the Doorway to Open,

Enter the Vast Inner Realm of Life.

Experience Unconditional Love, Peace and Happiness

Close your Eyes.

Take a Deep Breath,

Bring your Heart, Mind & Body into Alignment,

 Put Your Finger on the Pulse and Feel the Beat,

“The Rhythm of Life”.

Plunge into the Depths of your Womb.

The Soft, Warm Place where Life began.

The source of Feminine Power.

Gain the Strength to Face any Obstacle,

Courageously and with Compassion.

Take another Dip into this Fountain,

Bring a Cool Drink of Water to your Lips.

Let it slowly Empty into your Womb;

Meditate upon Love, Peace and Happiness

As the Water Renews Your Spirit.

Bringing Awareness back to your Body!!!

You have gained the Determination to keep Moving

Even though the Ways Seem Unclear!