The summer of 2015, a watershed moment when tired old ways give way to new life, a fresh way to live, love, work, and play. Black conscious people such as Dr. King, Malcolm X and Angela Davis transformed the era of White Supremacy, terror and hate, making way for riddance of un-just-laws.

The State gave the order to lower the flag; nonetheless, some wanted it to fly. The past era has been the time of the white man. That season is past. Go and retire to the knolls and let America be. The future belongs to children, those yet to thrive.

America is the land of abundance, where the idea of democracy never really had the chance to bloom. Nevertheless, she became a wealthy and powerful empire on the free labor of an enslaved race. White Culture flourished; Black Culture did not. Black People were not Americans in the eyes of the law, such hypocrisy, leaving a land and building one on the same discriminatory law.

Another America exists under dark skin. Deprived of a homeland, robbed of a culture, children stripped from the arms of crying mothers, women raped by the white man, the black man castrated and hung from a tree. This came from the dark heart of man. This is a history too important to ignore least the victims continue serving a nation with a grand plan.

The killer of “The Charleston 9” wore the flag that reminds that the South covet the old ways at the expense of Black life. #BlackLivesMatter became a movement to strip from the grips the culture that denounces the dignity of Black life.

The killer of the Charleston 9 reared its ugly head and showed the evils of terror and hate. Hatred has no power in the coming light; fear can no longer keep a black nation from assuming its time in the light. Black people will no longer be the target of your malice and fright.

A Black Conscious Woman has awakened to the past. It was a time when injustice and terror enslaved the mind and body of the black race. I will no longer live in servitude to a nation that kills its own black child. A nation that enslaves and covet the hearts and minds of the young; kill in the name of peace; dumb down education so children will not think; wants blind allegiance to a flag of racism, bigotry, fear and hate.

The dark day has birthed new light. Those who came to power by enslaving a black race did not understand, you could not forever hold out the light. Black people are poised to rise past what the ruling class had in mind when Black People arrived on the shores of America. Yours the most unspeakable evil on a people and you proclaim religious right.

Four hundred years later the law removed outward measures of segregation and discrimination. What remains is a blemish on the heart of man.  Greed and power have amassed an arsenal of hate that will annihilate the entire human race.

However, as if everything that rises has to fall it is natural law. Those that were on the bottom shall climb to the top and led the nation, as a phoenix that rises from the ashes of destruction to the peak of victory.

The Black woman has filled her life until it is full. She has to release the past, least it destroy her bright future. She studied the time and the environment where she lived. Read until her head hurt because she had consumed so much knowledge that her life felt as if it would burst. She had to let go of the dark past so her heart would be next to the moon that glows and show her the

way through the darkest night.

She steps into the light, with the wisdom of a people. Pain and heartache she consumed and made it her own. The time has come to assume her place and lead the Black race from the place of demise to the place of honor at a table set for a feast.

I want you to indulge in the plate that I sit before you filled with determination and a lineage of resistance of a powerful black race. Hold the line, be the spine for the Black Family. Take the abuse, take the pain, and transform it into something useful that will make you robust.

Dreams take the time to mature. The desire for Black America to be free is in the wind. Take flight on the idea that you are free. No one can take it from you.  It is a goal of financial and religious freedom, a boundless mission filled with happiness and self-worth.

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