A Seven Step Inner Transformation


#Age of Transformation

The “Age of Transformation”, is the time to transition from what you know to the realm of endless possibilities and uncertainty. It is a time to believe in the path you must follow. Your destiny awaits; enter the path of enlightenment, and like a caterpillar that evolves inside its cocoon and emerges as a butterfly. You must go deep into the inner field of your life and find your real self.

During this time of uncertainty, become aware of who you are and what you have endured. You were born into this life of your choosing. The obstacles you have encountered made you stronger.

You must detach yourself from the life you have lived in servitude to a Nation that put profits before the needs of people. It is imperative that you do for your happiness and safety and the happiness and safety of your family. The peace and security of the planet rest in your arms.

We are the Earth Dwellers, ancestors of this place, forever bound to earth. The place we call home. The site we spend endless hours in pursuit of material comforts as we move cross the surface of the earth.

An earth suspended in space always turning. Those material comforts can become traps, holding you prisoner in your own reality. There is a greater reality that you must now turn your attention towards.

You will find it in the dark womb nestled in your body. There you will find strength and sense of purpose that will bring you security and peace.

The Earth is our mother, the wonderful teacher. The ground you stand upon is sacred. The air you breathe has journeyed through the lungs of everyone that has ever lived and will ever live.

The water you drink and prepare your food with has existed for millions of years. It has traveled to every corner of the globe and back again. Look out your window and observe the quiet calm of nature. This is a mirror of our true nature

The time is now when you must separate yourself from the ideologies that deny our collective heritage as a People. It is a challenge and you will not be alone. The Womanist Empowerment Series will be the guide.

See your life as Peace and Calm. A gentle breeze across the surface of the earth. You are as majestic as an oak tree. As peaceful as a dove crossing the sky in a soft wind. Find your breath and you will find the calm, tranquil state of your life. Extend your arms out into the sky and embrace the whole of Humanity.

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