A Seven Step Inner Transformation

Push forward the Chronicle of Black Consciousness!

Mindful of whom you are!

What you have had to endure!

What your future looks like!

How you can recover your goodness?

Buried under fear and fury.

I Am Black Consciousness

The hope of an enslaved people.

Who would rize from the ruins of a Culture, extinguished?

During the Middle Passage.

Stripped from the Land!

Brought to Foreign Ground.

Had to Adopt Alien Ways.

The Culture of the Captors.

I Am the promise of a mother.

Whose child broke free from restraint placed on her body.

Used anger as fuel on my climb.

Out of the Lowermost realms of Society.

Which held limitations that her gender and color ascribed to from a Racist Society.

I am Resistance to Inferiority; that you assigned me.

Do you understand; You can-not hold down SPIRIT.

I Am Spirit beyond the confines of this life!

My domain, As vast as the Sky.

I Am the Spirit of Resistance to programming the Black woman’s mind.

A Spirit of Love; That will heal the wounds of my broken Heart!

I Am the Queen on her Throne!

Built up by sheer determination.

To push through to the other side of FEAR.

A fear of what you would think of me

A fear that you would retaliate and do something to harm me.

I AM the Dark SKY, the Moon, and the Stars.

I move freely on the Earth.

An Earth Dweller storing what I would need for my journey Home!

I Am Black Consciousness

A Witness to my ancestors death in a hailstorm of bullets.

Swinging in the Wind.

While life slowly left his body.

I am seeds gathered in the Wind,

Carried across the Sea.

Implanted in Fertile ground,

Of the Free.

Liberty is Full Grown.

Living as a Black Woman.

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