Day-20 Self-Actualize on a 30-Day Journey to Discover the Feminine Essence of Life.

A Seven Step Inner Transformation

I remember in the 10th grade my teacher told me I was not working up to my full potential. A Tai Chi instructor told me I was holding back. Growing up my best friend who was more physically developed had all the boys looking at her. I just stayed in the shadow, felt like I was living someone else’s life. In my marriage, I felt unappreciated. The marriage was good in the start but soon resentment and dissatification set in and I wanted out. The marriage failed to fulfill me, so I stopped trying. My ex-husband told me I could not stop doing for him while I was in the relationship, so consequently I left. I knew there was more to my life. This drove me to commit to finding out what would make me happy. I uncovered a reason for living as I searched for how to manifest my deepest desire. Digging to the core of my life, I found me hidden under the pain of life. In the dark, undiscovered part of me, I found a raging passion, a fire to create. Poetry was the window to my soul that revealed a vast inner life filled with compassion, courage and love. I found the strength to continue on and discover a reason to live. I feel empowered and valued at reaching my dream. It appears as life I now live. Writing and poetry gives me a sense of mission that I will be able to achieve. Seven Keys to Life are a Panacea for life. The series is about empowerment, it is about Feminine Leadership. It is about achieving Optimum Mental Well-Being so I can be the best at life.

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