A Seven Step Inner Transformation

30-Days To Discover Your Feminine Essence

Day-7: Embody The Feminine Essence

This paper is for the woman who is a leader in her school and the businesswoman who wants to transform the world. Do you want to utilize your full potential and embody a source of power that will transform your life?

This 30-Day journey to discover your feminine essence will help you be more authentic in your relationships and gain respect and power in the world. The feminine essence is what makes us women. We protect it because we are vulnerable and know this.

I challenge you to open yourself  like a child to the wonders of the world. The only difference between you and a child is, you are mature enough to know what you want in your life and what to close the door on before in enters your heart.

This vulnerability can be transformed into your greatest source of strength. You are obliged to grow both professionally and personally. Never stop growing, to do so is to slowly wither and die.

We women are not encouraged to develop our feminine essence. Instead, we adopt a masculine orientation to life that is thrust upon us.

The woman who suppress her innate ability and adopt a more masculine orientation does a disservice not only herself but to her family and society as well. We women nurture, but when we have no sense of power we extract power from children, and they experience a sense of hopelessness which soon turns to violence.

Moreover, in some countries, women do not have the same rights as men. Here in American we do have rights, but the rights I will detail in this paper are social rights, self-respect and dignity.

These social rights concern how people live and work together and support each others right to life. They are founded on the ideas of equality and access to important social and economic goods and services. It is not an attack on males, but an appeal to women to discover their unique feminine essence and embody it body and soul.

I advocate for the empowerment of women because we women are the one destined to shape a nation. We give life to children, raise and guide them so they can find their place in the world. It is our responsibility to protect them as well. Not just your children but all children of the world.

When we women are empowered, children will be the seeds that bloom all-over the world. As long as women continues to live and define life and success under a masculine model for leadership the future is in dire straits and society will continue to decline.

I believe the reason society is in a crisis is because we women have not held up our half of the sky. Men are doing what they do best. It is now time for women to step up and assume leadership in matters of culture and the heart.

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