You Have Power in your Life

A Seven Step Inner Transformation

Do you want to feel a sense of power in your life?

That you have the ability to control the destiny of the world.

That your children will be safe and secure

Fear not of being a victim of random acts of violence.

Then you must secure the nation you live in.

Build “A Safe Place inside Yourself”,

Then outside world will match what is in your head.

Do you want clean air and fresh water, live in a world that values life?

Then what you must have your own Human Revolution.

A revolution in your thinking,

A revolution in how you see and relate to life.

You are a co-creator with life.

Accept your noble mission as an envoy to earth.

Your advent is to transform.

As life passes through you,

As experiences shape you.

Let the experience go through.

Use the wisdom deep in your life to transform.

As you exhale and put energy back into the world.

Be it of healing of empowering and transform.

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