A Seven Step Inner Transformation

For over twenty-seven-years I have followed the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin, a Buddhist Priest who lived during the 1200’s. Nichiren discovered the secrets of life and found a way to embody the teachings in a simple phrase, Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo. The phrase is the key to opening the secretive aspects of your life. It is the foundation for my Seven Keys to Transformational Leadership Program. It connects and opens the path to living consciously. This paper sets forth a study of the mind and a philosophy for life. It does not advocate the religious dogma associated with religion.

The greatness of this phrase is in its simplicity. It had to be simple enough for anyone to practice. The phrase is like a key that opens the door to the vast inner life. This vast inner life is the soul that we talk about, but do not know its’ purpose or how we can access its’ wisdom. When you chant these words repeatedly, you fuse your life with the life of the universe. You are no longer a water molecule but you are the sea.

It is like you become one with your own heartbeat. As you continue to say these words, the sounds radiate out into the universe. We know that sound travels on waves. You are like a tuning fork, each beat bring your heart, mind, spirit and body into complete alignment. You are congruent; you move in a single direction toward wholeness. You begin to heal the splintered parts of yourself.

You have thus begun to align with your true self. These waves interact with other waves and they begin to travel the same path. The channel is to the sea. All rivers flow to the ocean. You are like an orchestra, each instrument plays its own tune, but together you are beautiful music. Your life begins to sound like a wonderful piece of music, like beauty in motion.

You connect authentically with yourself and this extends to all the relationships in your life. You have not only transformed your life, but the lives of those whom you guide. This is the power of the Transformational Leadership Program.

You become a beautiful work of art. People rise on your upbeat. You master what it means to be human and become a leader for your family, your work-world and society.

Creative humans inspire greatness in others. Our lives are but an instrument of beauty and grace. We bring beauty to the world. You are the one who can bring your family, your community and the world into alignment. Put Your Finger on the Pulse and Feel the Beat, The Rhythm of Life.

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