A Seven Step Inner Transformation

I called in to my principal and asked for a day off work. I just needed another day to settle in and unpack a few more boxes. I had just moved that weekend. She let me have the day off but the next day something had changed. All of a sudden, she began to watch me closely. She would come into my classroom during the pledge. I stood but usually did not participate.  She planned an observation and scored me unfavorably. She also had another staff to observe me.

Nevertheless, this staff marked me favorable. All of a sudden, this staff was gone. The word through the school was this staff did not support her in scoring me low. I had the feeling that this principal was trying to get rid of me by starting a paper trail. There were many times I felt unsupported by this principal. Have you ever felt unsupported and devalued as a professional by your leadership?

I started this on-line business to help support the development of leaders. Those who hold key positions such as educators who have a direct impact on creating change in the world.

Education was the thing I loved.  I always said that education was how I would make a living and if I could go to school then this would be how I would live. The next best thing is teaching.

Teaching is an art. It is how one-person can make the difference in the lives of others. I want to teach you how to be a leader of compassion and courage and contribute to the betterment of people.

If women continue to devalue one another and use the male model of leadership children will continue to act out, society will continue to deterioate and the future is at stake. There is an over- abundance of masculine power in society and a need for more feminine power.

The Transformational Leadership Project is a model of leadership based on the feminine aspect of life. It teaches both male and females how to develop a different source of power. This power has the ability to transform instead of control.

The world needs a leadership of compassion and courage. Join me in discovering a new source

of power that will transform the world. Log onto my Blog @ follow via email and receive post

updates on the Transformational Leadership Project @

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