A Seven Step Inner Transformation

I look out into society and see a vision of women coming into their own. An awakening of the Feminine Aspect of Life living in the shadow of man. Take the reins of life and hold them in your hand.

A Vision of Peace that begins with you when you release negativity and the weight of the world you have been holding for so long.

A vision of love that restores your heart to the heart of Queen who love all people because she knows the greatest asset are the people living on the land. She believes in her power to greet each day with a smile and guide children with love.

A Vision of Feminine Power that restores the meaning of humanity that was lost in the pursuit of the American Dream. We are the dreamers. The ones who can co-create a better world.

There is a source of power that you can harness for betterment of every man, woman and child. Bring them into the fold.

There is an abundance in life when you connect to the source of everything. The Womanist Empowerment Series rest on the field. Put Your Finger of the Pulse and Feel the Beat, The Rhythm of Life.