Blue Light Finds Her Power

A Seven Step Inner Transformation

Blue Light finds her Power

little blue light

peeks from behind gray clouds

into darkness with her tiny light.

all around darkness squeezing

condensing her beam

press her inward…

Toward the light.

joined together with her true self

experience the presence of One…

mind, body and soul

the three,

natural energy.

a powerful force

begins to ignite

form a connection

with everything in sight.

move out

among gray clouds,

appear transparent

as they near.

pure light able to see

through dark veneer.

tread lightly among gray clouds

see in their hearts

dark shadows of doubt.

joined one to the other

with those that are like,

shallow and base

increase their might.

fill the sky with a heavy mood

union so strong

she can’t move through.

manifest into view

power she contains,

great strength from inside the light.

a surge

in her cloud of blue.

she moves now

with a greater tempo.

large aluminous dark clouds

suspended in the sky,

release their stronghold

part and let her through

Little blue light

spread out over the sky

carries million bright beams

acquired from a place

inside the light.

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