Feminine Leadership Archetypes

A Seven Step Inner Transformation

What archetype type would you model yourself after if you could choose? leave me a comment below.

I have come to the conclusion that at fifty I had better have a lens with which to view my life through.

I never really thought about it much, just who did I emulate myself after when I was growing up.

I think it was my dad even though I do not think it was a conscious choice. I was the little girl that looked up to my parents as if they were Gods and could do no wrong,

But now as a mature woman who can make conscious choices I look to a model of Feminine Leadership that speaks to the greater part of me. I will examine her type tonight.

Archetypes are by their very nature universal and indestructible. They connect with the unconscious mind. That when the time is right will reveal its’ secrets to you.

Female leaders in order to fulfill your role properly you would do best to first find an archetype that represents the best qualities. An example would be, “The Good Queen”.

Her title speaks to the position she holds. Her action would be for the good and prosperity of all.

Her followers welfare and happiness would be her main concern. She would rule and guide from the goodness in her heart. The people who followed her would benefit from her goodness and love.

Her path is one filled with challenges that she faithfully fulfilled to arrive on her throne.

The path of the lover she traveled on brought her happiness and suffering. Not fully satisfied she ran into the arms of lovers trying to find happiness until she realized the source of her insatiable desire. A longing deep in her heart for love she thought was denied to her

She transformed her pain into purpose. Now she is ready to fulfill her mission in society as the Good Queen.

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