A Seven Step Inner Transformation

I live with the idea that the world we live in thrives on the spoken word.

A social construct someone built with lies.

A male model of domination that does not work for me.

It is archaic and out of date.

Creating separation, violence and hate.

To separate people by race and sex is a manufactured way to rule.

A structure for human relationship that cannot hold.

Thin lines of lies expanded,

Now cracks have turned into gaping holes.

That include the whole of state.

Might and power worked in the past.

It no longer fulfills the need of a genuine community.

The Twenty-First Century demands another way.

A movement that surges towards a unified whole.

Receiving and expressing,

Dancing works, domination does not.

The Rhythm of Life.

A new model for Humanity.

A paradigm through which we can truly view life.

Built upon a shared partnership with life,

Instead of domination and unjust rule!

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