A Seven Step Inner Transformation

Develop a new source of power!  

A latent potential in you !

The feminine aspect of life seeks peace and harmony, unlike masculine power that needs to control.

Feminine Power is fluid, like rushing water.That travels over rocks through cracks finding its’ way to the sea.

Not scheming, but flowing on its’ path, creating peace and harmony as it streams.

So the story goes; there was a time when women sat with one another and shared their visions and dreams…

Empowering and supporting one another as they realize their roles in community.

Women earned respected as living embodiments of beauty & creativity.

Deeply in tune with the inner world, women valued the outer forces of nature undeniably.

Women gathered and shared their practices and gifts, directed their skills into teachings that taught women to focus and increase their sensitivities.

Women knew that their responsibility was to maintain peace and balance in their homes and community…

That every thought and action had an impact upon…

Not only their life but the world that they found themselves in.                                                                                     Women reflect light and influence and maintain order for humanity.

Part of the training was to guide the community, develop, encourage and increase the feminine gifts of understanding, wisdom and transformation.

Women spent most of their time reading and writing and creating works of art that reflected their thoughts and dreams.

Modern women today are too caught up in the patriarchal mindset and suspicion to attend to the the inner world of being.

Women became alienated one from the other due to the pressures of a consumer culture and the outward measures of success.

Women lost touch with their purpose and power and so the decline of society.                                                             Today we restore the true meaning of what it is to be Feminine.

There is a power within that can break old pattern of relating; the quiet gentle strength that show up when you look in.

You can learn new ways to relate, first with yourself then the totality of humanity.                                                       Nurture yourself, the inner child that may not have been loved completely.                                                                  Take care of her. Return to a deeper part of thee.

Control your thoughts and evolve past old patterns of being, get rid of them like a worn out shoe, learn positive self-talk that generates a new reality.

There is another aspect of power; one that co-creates. STEP into an equal partnership with life3 and realize your destiny.

Trust life and align with the power within. BE at ease with not knowing, it’s quite impossible to know all the endless possibilities.

Connect with your inner guide and your deepest dreams.

You have power that can change the world, when you realize your mission in the larger scheme of things co-create as a partner with life.

ACTIVATE the support you have been missing.

Women empower one another and Co-create a Shared idea for Humanity.

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