A Seven Step Inner Transformation


There is this self-waiting to be discovered,

Wanting to reveal it-self to you.

There is this self,

Covered over by skin enclosed within you.

Beneath matter and time.

And the story you tell yourself.

There is this self-separate from the identity you cling to;

The wife, the mother, the doctor, the nurse,

The outer self that needs to control and feel superior to.

There is this powerful presence

Inside the tree,

With the potential to reach the sky,

Encoded in its’ DNA

The plan to grow, produce food and shelter humanity.

In the jungle, where ever it may be.

The tree needs sunlight and rain to grow.

If you fail to nourish the tree

It may never bear fruit.

Not fully reaching maturity.

You are a tree!!!

With a little love you will grow.

Because of the evolution of time

Your parents and society may not have

Been able to help you be free.

Everything that happened to bring you to the place.

A place where you are self-sufficient,

Able to take care of you.

What do you need to grow?

Love, faith and truth;

Healing that helps you to let go of things that

Stunt your growth.

That keep you from being that mighty tree.

Those limiting beliefs,

The poison you take into your body.

The evil that gnaw in your belly,

The pain you hold onto.

That which has hardened your heart

You show to the world.

Dig through the layers of the self,

To find the Diamond like self,

With its many facets that sparkle in the light.

You must step into the light,

Detach from the outer layer.

Let the sun illuminate all darkness in your life

You will discover

Your Authentic Self.

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