A Seven Step Inner Transformation

Greetings, Poestess here, Cultural Transformation Catalyst, Educator & Poet on a mission to build a “Culture of Feminine Empowerment”, based on The Seven Keys to Life.

The Seven Keys unlock the feminine aspect of life. They are for the woman who has lived in the shadows of society who want to step into the light fully matured and co-create a “Culture of Feminine Empowerment” that regenerates society.

It is an inescapable tragedy to live in American under chauvinism, oppression, hostilities, and the current American educational system.

The best of us are hardened on a daily basis by the barrage of negativity we take into our lives. Our mental health has taken a battering. We hide the emotional scars behind anger, rage and brazen behavior. The Keys will empower you to heal the hurt not fully attended to in the inner recess of your mind.

We are the mothers in our community. Our undeveloped mental health often result in broken homes and high crime rate. Where does the anger and rage go, how is it expressed?

There was a time when I had nowhere to express my rage. It was unacceptable to express so I buried it in the inner recesses of my life. Left unchecked it festered in my mind. My talk today addresses the mental health of women. The story I tell resounds from the depths of my soul.

What needs to change in the world, what’s philosophically wrong with the world? It is the world of ideas and social relations that my talk today will come from.

It is a universal message of love that flows through me. That drives me into the darkest places, the unknown, the vast inner realm of human life. The unexplored territory where the source of life comes from; what you may call God and outside of yourself. I believe God lives in me. I have the power to access its’ wisdom and love.

I am a seeker after truth, knowledge and wisdom. Many generations before me left their trail. It is on their footprints that I now journey on. Join me as we elevate our lives and journey on ideas whose time has now come.

It is time to usher in a Culture of Feminine Empowerment and replace the dominant American culture of fear that leads to violence, separation and war.

I have spent the last twenty years of my life as an educator in public schools. The place I thought where ideas and freedom could live. What an illusion I now wake from. It is through poetry that I have found my voice smothered in the noise of the world.

We women are the foundation of society. It is upon our shoulders that humanity stand. We have the power to transform the world when we step into our full power as women. We know the power of the woman to hold together the family and community.

We have an obligation and responsibility to guide the world, from the deepest place within. It is here we can begin to build a strong inner life. I will guide you to that place with Seven Keys that unlock the unlimited feminine potential in your life.

I have discovered secrets as I walked through pages of books, sat with masters and learned of their ways. In quiet meditation the vast inner door opened to me. I walked in gently as a witness and like a child revealed all its’ secrets to me.

Years of compressing pain I held created a darkness that threatened to destroy me. But courage and faith was the light that helped me to look into the darkness and make it my friend. The anger and rage was where I hide my pain. I had to transform the pain into something of value or it would destroy me.

When I looked into the inner realm of my life, there was a light that revealed wounds in my life that I needed to heal. And like shadows they disappeared when I turned the light on.

The power of spirit can transform the pain in your life and heal with love and light. I have been to the darkest places and returned stronger and more confident of who I am and what I am to be in the world.

The last twenty-five years of my life were spent exploring ways to create value and discover how I was going to make a difference in the world. What I discovered about myself was hidden behind walls of anger and mistrust.

I made a decision as an eight year old child to stay home from church one Sunday morning. I asked my mother if my younger brother could stay with me. She told me no and if I stayed home I would be by myself.

When my mother left out the door, I felt abandoned and unloved, worthless and alone and felt no one cared. That one decision shaped my life. I felt like a victim. Anger was the wall I erected around myself to protect me from an imagined perpetrator.

Feeling like a victim, was the shadow that has haunted me for countless years. It is also the engine that drove me to discover the truth about my life.  It was a lonely path, but one that caused me to look inward for answers.

Through numerous self-help programs and over twenty years of introspection, I have learned to love myself and value my own voice which I found through Poetry.

I am formerly trained in Guidance and Counseling. I bring a love for Buddhist Psychology, a study of the mind and a gift for understanding the human spirit. I have a strong belief in the feminine spirit of love and compassion and the vast inner life yet to be opened to the world. I am committed to building a Culture of Feminine Empowerment based on The Seven Keys to Life.

As an educator for over twenty year. I have taught young children and adults; written curriculums and cultural arts programs. I have published two books of poetry and currently working on my third.

I have lead small groups and workshops, trained Camp Counselors and served five years in the Army Reserves where I was commissioned a Second Lieutenant. During those days in the military I gained a tremendous amount of training and experience in how to lead and inspire hope and courage.

This current book I am working one will put forward my Seven Keys to Life that will help you discover a source of Feminine Power. Life is a journey filled with hope, wonder and awe. Visit my blog @ to learn more and become part of co-creating a “Culture of Feminine Empowerment based on The Seven Keys to Life”.


A Seven Step Inner Transformation

I live with the idea that the world we live in thrives on the spoken word.

A social construct someone built with lies.

A male model of domination that does not work for me.

It is archaic and out of date.

Creating separation, violence and hate.

To separate people by race and sex is a manufactured way to rule.

A structure for human relationship that cannot hold.

Thin lines of lies expanded,

Now cracks have turned into gaping holes.

That include the whole of state.

Might and power worked in the past.

It no longer fulfills the need of a genuine community.

The Twenty-First Century demands another way.

A movement that surges towards a unified whole.

Receiving and expressing,

Dancing works, domination does not.

The Rhythm of Life.

A new model for Humanity.

A paradigm through which we can truly view life.

Built upon a shared partnership with life,

Instead of domination and unjust rule!