Disassociation and the Collective Unconscious:


During The Middle Passage,

On the voyage across the sea,

There was a time when my ancestors

Would rather throw themselves over board than be a slave.

Some did make it to the shores of America.

However, it was in those dark hulls of the slave ship

That my ancestors sat knee to knee in inhuman conditions

And lost all touch with the world they knew.

It was in the making of a slave that their

Identify was stripped.

Like the story, Roots, Kunta Kinte was beaten into submission!

Your name is Toby,

No my name is Kunta Kinte, and this went on and on.

While the lashes cut across his flesh.

His body began to give way to the pain.

It was brutal; the slave masters wanted the African

To let go of all ties to his humanity.

Therefore, began the stripping of his identify.

If you want to find the source of your suffering your must travel deep into

Your mind and uncover what is buried in the collective subconscious.

See the faces and hear the voices of all the people that have shaped your life.

Sub meaning below,

Everything that has happened to you lies in the inner recess of the collective mind.

During Mindfulness training, which is inner concentration,

You will open your mind’s eye and illuminate the darkness..

Of ignorance and connect with your Authentic Self.

Also during Mindfulness, training,

you will have the opportunity to examine those shadows then let them go.

Shadows are not real; they are fragments of a life already lived.

You must become the master of your mind, and your emotions.

Live again as a child in wonder, love, joy and happiness.

Mindfulness training is a way to look at your experiences,

And liberate your heart and mind.

It affords you the opportunity to disentangle emotionally from the experience

and have clarity of mind.

Sit quietly as an observable,

Like watching a movie.

View you thoughts and feeling as an onlooker.

As if something is happening to your body,

and you are watching. Record your observations.

What is unseen? What is hidden in your experience?

The Fourth Key to Life.

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