A Seven Step Inner Transformation

It is 2003,

The year of victory,

I affirm dignity as a woman.

Changing the vision American has projected onto me.

The picture is uncertain when I look out-side myself.

I turn my gaze within and see,

Inner beauty, love and grace.

Goodness women bring to the world.

Poetry liberates the past’s effects on me.

No longer doomed by my circumstances,

A life of fear and suffering.

I will live on my terms.

An independent female.

Liberated from society’s holds on me.

I have found my way back,

As water molecule naturally finds the sea.

Belief, trust and love have set me free.

Now a fountain begins to flow

Of words transforming the pain

Into a language we all can understand.

In a time and a place

Where woman’s wisdom

And the human race,

Live side by side.

Thoughts of a superior race

Disappear without a trace

We live in peace and harmony.

Write is what I do

Writing liberates me

Writing brings me Victory.