A Seven Step Inner Transformation


The Human Voice has the Power to Shape the World.

Moreover, it can rouse the one who is sleeping.

Come alive,

Open your eyes and take in the world.

Enter the way of the one who is awakening.

Realize the true reality.

That life at each moment contains the fullness of life.

That we ordinary humans have the potential to open

An “Era of Enlightenment”.

We can solve any problems in the world.

Make a determination

To move towards wholeness,

Toward completeness,

Towards unity.

And the earth aligns and begins to shake and move with you.

Like that of the quake that happens in the center.

Then moves out and become stronger as it gathers speed,

It shakes and rattles and the entire human community moves.

We are the one body that shifts.

Separation serves no purpose,

Anything that divides has the intention to destroy.

To separate and slowly-kill off all the parts as they wander alone.