A Seven Step Inner Transformation

Land of the Morning Sun

Land of the Morning Sun,

Peace and Tranquility reign.

rue equality exist among those so united to bring,

Peace to the land.

The true identity of people,

Realize as they wake each day to the New Sun.

In their hearts a shared partnership,

Fashioned to create peace all over the land.

Souls that inhabit the land know in their hearts

All are children living under the Morning Sun.

No separation, no racial divide,

No sexism that separate men from women.

All are equal partners in the golden plan.

Survival a thing of the past,

Living and life guaranteed….

All who live under the Morning Sun.

Violence, hate, war and strife no longer exist.

People see peace as a possibility.

Living side-by-side in this new land.

Land where peace and love is in demand.

Home where the free…

Can be what their lives were meant to be.

 Living life in Peace and Harmony,

Children Living Under The Morning Sun.


A Seven Step Inner Transformation


A movement from here to there requires Social Engineering,

A meticulous undertaking to shift the position of women.

The female who has justice in her heart.

Who has the strength to keep the together family?

Now extend that reach to include the whole of humanity.

The Great Big Human Family that spreads across the globe.

Open your arms a little wider and embrace the children.

The ones who will inherit the earth.

The land that stretches from sea to sea.

Unlock the door to the Vast Inner Life with

“Seven Keys to Life!”

You will see into the very heart of humanity.

The heart that beats and a tremor begins.

Traveling on the Rhythm of Life!

Now put your finger on the pulse and feel the beat.