A Seven Step Inner Transformation

Who benefits if we maintain the Status Quo?

From my vantage point there is one who benefits and it’s not me.

It’s not my children.

Then who benefits when things stay the same?

From time beginning there has been change.

It was the mantra President Obama shouted in the wind.

It was the sound people wanted to hear.

But what does that really mean?

I do not see any real change.

I believe it was hot air that blew him to the White House.

Just what type of change do people want to see?

The change I want to see

Happens when the wind blows the other way.

Justice gets played out in the streets.

The world measures the heart.


Children are the son and the moon that illuminate humanity.

I want my granddaughters to believe they have a say.

I want the Government to find other ways to spend our tax dollars on.

Mumsil and the grands

Mumsil and the grands