A Seven Step Inner Transformation


Break free from the Ego.

The self you show to the world.

The person that seeks approval,

That wants to be right; and in control.

Break free from the lesser-self known as the Ego.

Embrace your greater-self and spread your arms.

Let them stretch to the outer-most parts of the Universe,

And connect to everything.

The unity of all,

The vast unknown;

You came from that source.

You are light that has come from the dark.

Hungry and crying you came into the world.

Your mother feeds you.

You did not know.

You had to learn.

You sought the light.

As you acquired the ways of the world,

You forgot the unity of your soul.

Remember, you are a part of Humanity.

You are the light.

You are a tiny firefly that flickers in the dark.

Around I sat in the audience of Anthony Hamilton.

Ten thousand lights flickered in the dark.

Music filled the air.

For one fleeting moment, we were one life.

Those moments make and shape us.

I live for another,

In beauty and light.