Living at Higher Levels

A Seven Step Inner Transformation

Living at Higher Levels

Our lives as vast as the Sea

Able to embrace the entire world

Open hearts let consciousness be the guiding force.

Experience the world as oneself.

Capable of feeling the pain of others.

Understanding there are cures.

At our disposal wisdom, freedom.

The doctor who has the cure.

The teacher who can teach.

The lawyer with justice in his heart.

Love with compassion

Hearts that feel.

Minds that comprehend.

The world’s sphere contain…

Lives moving to higher levels of being.

Where Is The Feminine Silhouette in Society

A Seven Step Inner Transformation

Where is the feminine silhouette in society?

All I see are scanty dressed women on my TV screen,

In books and magazines.

Where is the feminine silhouette in society?

All I see is body for hire,

At the right price,

Reflecting someone else’s dream,

Not a true portrayal of me.

Skin-deep beauty copied,

Mirror someone else’s dream

They cast upon me,

Duplicated in society.

I am invisible,

I breathe, I feel,

Yet it does not seem real.

There is unease in society.

Every time I look out.

I see images that do not portray me.

A woman’s potential…

Truth, Compassion, Inner Beauty

Shadows not seen society,

Look deeply into the mirror before me,

See true likeness of me.

This I want to see,

When I look out into society.