I cling less and less to the story I tell myself.
I cling less and less to this body that now begins to age.
I cling less and less to the pain of the body and ask?
Why does pain live in my heart?
Why do I cling to a past that brings me sorrow and regret?
Why do I hang on?
Not wanting to let go…
Of a life I’ve always known,
No matter how distressing it may be.
Afraid of something new.

I’ve experienced a life filled with torment,
Striving to get somewhere.
A place I’ve dreamed about,
That’ll bring me peace, love and happiness.
A place where pain does not know.
A home that no longer welcomes suffering.
A condition free from agony.
A state of mind that‘s connected to everything.
A life,
Like the wind, that eludes me.

I feel its presence as it blows across my face;
I know it’s real.
It’s the place my soul comes from.
A place outside the influence of mind & body.
That faraway spot in the lining of a cloud.
So light and airy its seems UN real,
But close examination, proves all to true.
This mysterious condition of life.
Where one is free from problems of the flesh.

Cling less and less to the body that ages and pains.
Turn your attention inside yourself,
To that which you can control.

I’ve been so many persons;
That baby, that little girl, that teenager with acne on her face.
That young woman that gave birth,
That woman that walked down the aisle.
Yet one remains that has experienced it all.
She must be the one who’s standing tall.
In awe at the wonder of life.
Reflecting on the next adventure and where it’ll take her.
With her arm stretched wide rising with the wind,
Ready to catch the next wave.

As it lifts her high into the sky;
With wind beneath her wings.
She glides through the big blue.
To some far off place.
Trusting nature to take her where she’s to be.

She’s free, like a kite sailing on the wind.
The kite’s there for the ride.
To feel the sheer experience of flying high.
These are the experiences the soul wants.
It had to have this body and mind to know its true nature.

In the dark, it just waited until the moment of its birth and into the light it came.
And then life began.
As an infant, she grew and grew and all is good.
With this new expanded view of life.
She can go through life knowing that she will have experiences.
She will be, whatever happens, it will not change her.
Her true nature is untouched by the body or the mind or anyone else.
She’s free as the wind, touching everything.
She just wishes to be, to be, to be. Just BE

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