“Keepers of the Culture”


Greetings, welcome to the gathering of Guardians of the Earth, Keepers of the Culture, Pamala here, Culture Transformation Catalyst. I’m pleased that you joined me on this journey as we reconstruct the story of females in society. I’ll be your guide as we explore a “Vision of Feminine Power”.

During the sessions you and I will explore the two dimensions of life, the universal and the personal.

The goal of this series is to empower each female to awaken to and fulfill her mission in life. This gathering of women is where we will awaken to our most noble purpose and mission as females in society. It is my most ambitions endeavor thus far and what gives my life meaning and purpose.

The Womanist Empowerment Series will be presented during seminars, poetry readings and performances.

During the series I will present Seven Tools that Build A Strong Inner Life intended to awaken the deeper dimension of the self, the “universal”.

One of the main practices I will introduce is Mindfulness; it is a state of mind that has always been available to you, which is aware, non-judging and respectful. You’ll experience how to access your higher consciousness through focus and attention and through a daily practice of mindfulness.

You’ll recognize compassion as your deepest nature and confirm you interdependence with all life. You’ll respond positively and create value from each experience you have.

 You’ll learn how to utilize the relationships in your life and discover a more enlightened way of relating. First with yourself, secondly your significant other, life partner or spouse and lastly children.

After each session you’ll have the opportunity to respond by creating a piece of poetry. Poetry created from the experience will be published in an anthology. You’ll also have the opportunity to read your work in a public  forum along with the other participants. Together we will create the lore of women in society.

For over twenty years I’ve taught young children to read and write in public schools. It has been my greatest challenge and from which I’ve grown the most. Formerly trained in Guidance & Counseling, I bring a passion for education and an understanding of the human potential, coupled with my love of poetry, united to bring a complete experience for the mind, body and spirit.

Poetry became my way of expressing and giving voice to my experiences both positive and negative. I let go of being a victim that no longer served the person I was becoming. The past, but a memory no longer controled my life. I’ve discovered a deeper purpose and mission for my life.

My worries were like clouds obscuring the sun, I observed them and let them go, they disintegrated and the source of inner light was revealed, What came into view was my true value and worth as a female in society.

You and I can transform the culture of fear dominant in America when we reconstruct a common story. Through this series of training in Mindfulness, dialogue and poetry we can co-create a culture of loving kindness, compassion, fearlessness and wisdom.

You and I will celebrate as we share our new found way of being and embody this driving force of cooperation and symbiosis, “The Dance of Life”, living together as two.