The Path to Womanhood–Life as “The Wise Queen”





       Her path to Queen-Ship

What is it that defines women, is it the beliefs, virtues, or traits? Is it the stories we tell ourselves? What makes women unique; the thing that says who you really are?

Let us look for answers in that quite place within, the spiritual dimension, the subtle presence we feel and know is real, the thing we call nature and personality. How did it all come about? Were you born to fulfill a destiny and if not what are you to do while you’re here on earth? We can also say that leadership is a trait that you can develop.

What are the stories you tell you tell yourself? The person you show to the world? The life that lives through you? Does it happen automatically without any conscious thought at all; or is it a life you were given, birthed into, one your parents revealed to you as you looked into their eyes for acceptance and love. Were you allowed to be, encouraged to develop your gifts and talents or were they smothered like a flame, crushed before you became a flowering plant.

I must first take a journey inside myself to see what I’m really about. I can make some changes if I find traits undesirable to my liking as I become the person I want to be.

We women are as powerful as the roaring sea. Recognize your relationship to humanity; know the path you must travel. Step into full womanhood and lead children, your families and the world with compassion and wisdom. When your time to mature comes you will develop your full potential as a woman and lead the free world.

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