What It Is…

The Emotional Journey is your personal experience of moving from one Mindset to another as a journey. It is the ideal pathway for the woman who wants to express her genuine self.

Therefore, I am hosting an online Virtual Retreat designed to help you release the emotional  attachments that keep you from expressing your true feelings. First you will learn to truly love yourself; secondly you will learn how to show up fully; and lastly you will get clear about what you want and work towards it.


Women and Mental Health: Emotions are a natural instinctive state of mind. What happens when they become distorted?Growing up, females are socialized that submissiveness is more attractive in relationships than assertiveness. As a result, girls learn to listen rather that lead. This causes us to suppress our own unique thoughts and thereby belittle ourselves. The result is an unhealthy relationship with the self. Under these circumstances, we women come to resent our own thoughts and ideas. This leads to more feelings of inadequacy. Given these points, it becomes impossible for women to express a full womanhood.

I will explore the mind and body connection to reveal how unexpressed feelings get trapped in the body. In other words, your body keeps a physical memory of all your experiences. You have many memories stored in your brain that you can describe at any given moment. In an instant, you can recall names, faces, and where the event took place. But over time, these memories fade or change. However, even when the memory begins to fade from your brain, it lives on in your body in the form of physical sensations and behavior patterns. The body does not forget.

To put it differently, the experiences of our lives leave physiological marks in our bodies, particularly when we experience pain or situations of extreme stress that cause the body to struggle, escape, or become immobilized and unable to cope. This Emotional Journey is a process that will bring to the surface your suppressed emotions where they can be healed and released. This healing is about releasing those emotions that cause you to suffer.

An important practice that will aid you in your Emotional Journey is a Journal. You can purchase or make one. Use it to reflect at the end of each session.










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