Empowered Womyn Mindset

The Seven Step Inner Transformation will open the door to the vast inner life and you will experience abundance and freedom.

How can you use your mind to break through layer of internalized oppression? The first step is to quiet the mind through meditation which brings a calmness and a clarity.

This is the level closest to the surface and where you must wield your greatest strength.  It is through the unity of spirit, emotion, and Mind that you will  break through the delusions of the Ego-self.

The next level down below the Ego- self is darkness. This is where fear lives. Behind your fear you will find a purpose and your greater self. A self that has been holding until a way had been prepared for it to emerge. It now moves through you into a Powerful Presence.

This break from the illusions of the Ego-self-reveals the power of the Feminine. This is the power that moves the wind, and spins the earth on its’ axis.  The invisible force in the universe. Some call it God. I call it the Human Spirit.

Join me on the path of discovery through poetry and talk. Poetry can help you get in touch with your inner life. It connects with the wisdom and compassion of your humanity. This is the immaterial part of the self or the condition that makes you more than human. It is your genuine nature, which you will discover as you journey inside yourself.

The First Step in The Seven Step Transformation is to awaken a connection to Infinite Intelligence that reveals a Powerful Presence that you will have to discover. It is hidden within the inner dimensions of your life that you cannot see but you know is real.











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